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Help creating a database for bookings

Question asked by AndrewKirkby on Jun 17, 2011


Help creating a database for bookings


Hi all

I'm looking for some help creating a database where bookings are made by hour on any given day of a month.

It's to manage a set of radio mic frequencies of which there are a number available in a related table.

Clients have a specific type of license which gives a set of say 14 different frequencies to choose from. Several shows are on at the same time in the building and some of them will have the same type of license so I want to be able to book out specific frequencies to specific shows and book off the frequencies so they can't be used in other shows.

For example Show 1's producer has a license for 14 frequencies in a license group and needs 6 of those frequencies for their show at say 2PM to 3PM. Show 2's producer has the same license but needs another 4 frequencies for another show elsewhere in the building at the same time of day. As the first 6 are used I want them to be shown as unavailable (Or just not appear when I allocate the 2nd show's frequencies)

What I need help with is how to go about doing the booking part. I'm fairly new to filemaker but have experience relating tables in other fmp databases.

I don't want someone to do all the work for me but need some hints to get started and possibly a few follow up tips once I get stuck again!

Thanks for your help!