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Help creating an attendance register - FM10

Question asked by IanMac on May 29, 2009
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Help creating an attendance register - FM10


Hi All,


This is my first post to the forum and can only thank you all for your various submissions, the forum has been a great source of information to me.


I have been using FM9 & FM10 for about a year and have recently been going through the FM training series but am running into a problem with trying to create an attendance register to be used to show number of days worked, sick, holiday & absent. This is then used in a payroll system to calculate pay.


I have created a table called Register which has the following fields;

Employee (Text)

Days (Repeating field x30) to capture specific values for each day - Value List : A = Absent, H = Holiday, W = Work & S = Sick. I work off a 30 day month.

Days Worked (Calculation) - To total number of days worked.

Days Absent (Calculation) - To total number of days Absent.

Days Sick (Calculation) - To total number of days sick.

Days Holiday (Calculation) - To total number of days holiday.


I can't seem to get the calculation fields to show me the individual total number of days for each separate occurence within the repeating field. I have searched through the forum and know that some people suggest repeating fields should not be used. Can anybody help me with the calculation or suggest a different way for me to look at the register please? Thanks in advance.