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Help Creating chart from column data.

Question asked by TPK on Jun 17, 2009
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Help Creating chart from column data.


Hi. Thank you all for this forum that gives us a lot of help (especially to us begginers).


I am conducting a small survey. I am asking this questions to some companies. To be more clear i have created a sample table in file maker . So really what i am struglin to do is to make a chart for each column data at least those that are meant to show as a chart


So this is what I want to create:


What accounting software are you using ( the name of software and in the end the objective is to have a chart with the usage percentage of each program)

Are you satisfied with the product (also in this column a yes/no answer to be able to come up with a chart in the end)

Do you know our software (the same thing yes/no answer)


This are the main columns than of course the first column will be Name of the Company and Phone Number, and a couple of columns in the end, Note and Further contact date (if the company wants a meeting for the product presantation)


I would be very thankful if you can give me some tips or any link to a tutorial.


Thank again a lot.