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    Help Creating chart from column data.



      Help Creating chart from column data.


      Hi. Thank you all for this forum that gives us a lot of help (especially to us begginers).


      I am conducting a small survey. I am asking this questions to some companies. To be more clear i have created a sample table in file maker http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3343/3636662796_40a9b4d1f6_o.jpg . So really what i am struglin to do is to make a chart for each column data at least those that are meant to show as a chart


      So this is what I want to create:


      What accounting software are you using ( the name of software and in the end the objective is to have a chart with the usage percentage of each program)

      Are you satisfied with the product (also in this column a yes/no answer to be able to come up with a chart in the end)

      Do you know our software (the same thing yes/no answer)


      This are the main columns than of course the first column will be Name of the Company and Phone Number, and a couple of columns in the end, Note and Further contact date (if the company wants a meeting for the product presantation)


      I would be very thankful if you can give me some tips or any link to a tutorial.


      Thank again a lot.

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             What data is the chart based off of?
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            I am not sure if this the answer that you want to know but they are all Text data.

            Sory if I don't get the question but I am new to this.

            Thanks anyway. Hope you can help me more.

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              What I mean is what does the chart supposed to reflect? Do you want a percentage of satisfied users per each product or just satisfied users of their current product just in general...


              IOW, if I surveyed 5 people and 2 of them use a mac (1-yes, 1-no) and 3 PCs ( 2-yes, 1-no), do I want it to be based off 5 users for 60% satisfied or do you want 50% satisfied with mac and 66.66% satisfied PC?


              Then with your product, do you want that over all as well or per each product...

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                Ok now I understand. So the market that i am surveying can buy 3 kind of SW. From the data I want to show with the chart that for example 30% uses SW "X", 40% SW "Y" and 30% SW "Z". Tha same thing with the question do they know the SW "Z". So if I have 4 companies answers and I have YES,YES,NO,NO the chart will show that 50% know the product and 50% don't. I hope it's more clear now.  Than for the satisfaction I just want what percentage of the companies are satifsfied with their SW, even if "satisfaction for each SW" is more accurate I don't want to overcomplicate it. 

                And thanks a lot for answering again.