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help creating DB for school lunch program

Question asked by hil400 on Nov 24, 2009
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help creating DB for school lunch program


I haven't used Filemaker in 6 years and at a loss. Using FMP ver 10 on a mac.  The school I work in wants a DB created to track lunch provided to students. The categories for students are: Free, Reduced ($0.25), and full pay ($1.50). Students are tracked by number category: A=free 1= free 2=reduced 3= full pay 4=full pay and 5=full pay. There are 480 students. They want to know: How many free, reduced, and full pay lunches are served DAILY, and invoices printed WEEKLY delivered to each student (just name and class.. no mailing address needed) detailing what each family owes for lunch. This again is a weekly printout. Of course once payment is made, it's reflected in the database.


I've created these fields for each of the 480 students and have the data already entered from an excel spreadsheet. :


Student Name


Meal code (see above)

Calendar (date field with a calendar popup for easy date entry

Price code ( a calculated field that reflect the meal code:    If ( Meal Code = 3; 1.5 ;  If ( Meal Code =2 ; .25 ; If ( Meal Code=4 ;  1.5 ;  If ( Meal Code=5 ; 1.5 ; If ( Meal Code=1 ; 0 ; If ( Meal Code="A" ; 0 ; If ( Meal Code=" " ; 0 ; If (Meal Code=1 ; 0 ; 0 ))))))))


(there are 2 students without meal codes so I entered " " they are free so it produced $0.00


That's as far as I got. ANY HELP greatly appreciated.


Thank you