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Help creating notifications for inventory

Question asked by jt3_jon on Oct 27, 2013
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Help creating notifications for inventory



     I'm demoing FileMaker Pro in the hopes it can do the following: Create a large database of my inventory for items I sell, and if I have backorders for a particular item, notify me of those orders when I get enough inventory to fulfill them. 

     So I've created two layouts - Layout one is my "products list" in which I list each item I sell. Fields include item name, item number, cost, sales price, picture, inventory count, inventory location, etc. My second Layout is my "backorders list" which contains fields for the customers name, customer information, order number, item on backorder, etc. 

     My goal here is to make it so I  will be notified if I have enough inventory to fulfill a backorder. For example, if a customer wanted 2ea XLMA chess boards, and I only have 1ea in stock, I would put all his information into the "Backorders" list. Now, I would like to somehow link the customer and this item, so when I do get inventory of more XLMA chess boards, it will automatically tell me I have a backorder that needs to be fulfilled. 

     Is this possible with Filemaker pro? If so, any specific information and/or manual pages to read on how to achieve this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!