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help creating records in related tables, pls

Question asked by FranziskaBlome on Apr 11, 2014
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help creating records in related tables, pls


     Hello, I'm stuck with a many-to-many relationship database (thank you PhilModJunk for getting me on the right track earlier!).

     I have a "contacts" table, an "events" table and a "roles" table joining the two. My contacts are playing different roles at certain events. Using portals I can see events records in my contacts layout and vice versa. So far so good.

     Now I fail at setting these portals up to create records in the other table. In the "edit relationship" dialogue box, I selected "allow creation of records in this table..." on the join table side of the equation. Now I can EITHER create roles in the portal on the events layout OR I can create roles in the portal on the contacts layout, NOT BOTH (?).

     What's worse, I can't create contact records from within the events layout or vice versa, events records from within the contacts layout. If I create a record in roles, can't that automatically add information or a record in either events or contacts. I am completely lost. Does my question make sense? If I want to add a new event and list inside this new event record who contributed to this event in what role, I want that info to go straight into my contacts layout. Is that even possible??

     Sorry for this very novice (not to call it stupid) question, but I'd really really appreciate your help. THANKS!