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    Help creating roundtrip



      Help creating roundtrip


      Hello all,

      I create the first leg of a round trip. I would like to be able to click on round trip button and create the second leg.

      1- do I need to create a duplicate layout so that 2nd leg will be create on that duplicate layout.

      2- How the adresses be switch in the second leg.

      Please help!!

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          This help page uses route as the example.


          You mention pickup and dropoff, is there more than two locations. A variable number of locations.

          Determine the relationships between the tables. In your plan, draw a line from each match field in a table to the corresponding match field in the related table.
          What establishes a relationship between tables is that their match fields contain matching data.

          Match fields for the Clients and Tours tables; match fields for the Routes and Tours table

          Relationships also make it possible to group your data to resolve complex questions. For example, relationships can be used to determine current inventory levels, sales projections, and other tasks where it is necessary to view data across multiple tables. For more information about relationships, see Working with related tables and files.