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Help Creating Search Filter

Question asked by AlexXander on Sep 2, 2011
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Help Creating Search Filter


I am a novice at layouts and filemaker language, So this is what I am trying to do and I thank anyone who helps me figure out how to get this completed.


I am trying to create a database search filter that will be able to return any and all records that fit the filter but can have an unlimited number of search criteria that are based on "and"/ "or" strings. I'm not sure if using a portal can solve this but this is what I'm talking about.


example, search:


first name="" , and, age<"" , and, height<>"",  +


last name="" , and, team="" , and, record>"", +



The plus signs are buttons I would like to have to automatically add to the search criteria to tag as an "and" string or an "or" string. So when you go to click one it adds a box to enter the "field" from the database then the command "<=>,<>" then the "value/comparing field" 


I'm not sure if I'm asking/trying to do something complicated here or this is a walk in the park, but any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.