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Help Designing Parts and Sales DB

Question asked by LalaLove on Jul 15, 2013


Help Designing Parts and Sales DB



     I have two sets of data:

     1. Sales: the amount of sales for each part# by year

     Fields:  Sales_Year, Part_Number, Sales_Amount, pk_sales

     2. Parts: this describes the possibilities of what each part will fit

     Fields: Part_Number, Make, Model, Year, pk_parts

     So, the thing is that I would like to analyze the amount of sales by the different car criterias. I've thought of approaching this by multiplying the sales of each part# by the ratio of the count of the specific criteria to total count  to find the sales per criteria.

     In the end I would like to find out how much of my sales for the specified year was for a certain Make and/or Make

      How do I approach this?