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Help Desk Service Ticket Database Question

Question asked by TerryNorling on Mar 25, 2013
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Help Desk Service Ticket Database Question


     I created a service ticket DB and am having an issue with time formulas. In the attached screen shots (there are three screen shots divided by a black line all converted into a single jpg for ease of viewing). Chain of events and input methods and the results I want to happen:

     1. New Ticket is opened (this auto fills in the "Date Entered and HD Ticket Open" time

     2. Once the help desk repsonds the ticket they enter the "HD Response Time" 

     3. What I want is the "HD SLA Response Met" to auto filli in "Yes" or "No". What is happening is 60 is being inserted each time. (we have a 60 Minute SLA responce time agreement with our users, 60 mins or less we fullfilled our SLA 60 min or over we did not)

     4. The rest of the line items such as Service Restoral Data and below I have working correct. 

     Any help in tis issue will be greatly appreciated.