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Help Dublicate record with multiply portals

Question asked by hanstrager on Jan 22, 2013
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Help Dublicate record with multiply portals


     I have a problem with a script that should copy a record with multiply portals.

     I so far got the record copied and have it copy one of my portals with the following scripts


Set Error Capture [ On ]

If [ LeftWords(Get ( LayoutName );1) ="TECHNICAL" and not IsEmpty(Line Items::xLine items ID) ]

Commit Records/Requests

     [ Skip data entry validation; No dialog ]

Go to Related Record [ From table: “Line Items”; Using layout: “Line Items” (Line Items) ]

     [ Show only related records ]

Go to Layout [ original layout ]

Set Variable [ $Lines; Value:1 ]

End If

Duplicate Record/Request

If [ Get ( LastError )=200 ]

Show Custom Dialog [ Title: "Cant Dublicate"; Message: "You Don't have privileges to dublicate" & Lower(LeftWords(Get

     (LayoutName);1)) &

     "."; Buttons: “OK” ]


If [ LeftWords(Get ( LayoutName );1) ="TECHNICAL" and $Lines=1 ]

Perform Script [ “dublicate lines from fabric ” ]

End If

End If


     And then use a sub script called “dublicate lines from fabric” with the following script:


Set Variable [ $ID; Value:TECHNICAL SHEET 2::xTechnical sheet_ID ]

Go to Layout [ “Line Items” (Line Items) ]

Freeze Window


Duplicate Record/Request

Set Field [ Line Items::TechSheetID_FK; $ID ]

Omit Record

Go to Record/Request/Page

     [ First ]

Omit Record

Exit Loop If [ Get ( FoundCount )=0 ]

End Loop

Go to Layout [ original layout ]


     In my naivety I thought I could just make another script and use “Perform script” and use the above script 4 times according to what portal I want to copy, but then obviously It makes 4 new records with a copied portal on each.

     How do I make the above script to make a duplicate of a record from TECHNICAL SHEET 2 which includes different line items in my portals (a portal for fabric, zips, buttons, other)?