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    help duplicating portal data



      help duplicating portal data




      i just finished my fm invoice program, but now i have 2 issues that i need to solved, someone can help me?, before i need to describe my fm db:

      I have 1 file, name MASTER, this file have some tables those are:


      1- master

      2- lineItems

      3- Budget

      4- Job Order

      5- Invoice


      and i have others field those are related to my master file

      file: customers

      file: products

      file: extras


      All data from all my files are related to my MASTER file and i can made my invoices, budget, jor order, son on..., but i have 2 issues that i need to solved URGENT!


      1- duplicate data from my table: when i duplicate my master table to create a new one and don't have to copy all data I only can copy some related data, but the LineItem dosen't copy to my new record how can i duplicate all my data ?


      2- the lineItem is related to my products, this work great but if i need to modificate 1 field from my master table all items who has the same products change, it's posible to change just one and all the other identical keep the original data without create a new products each time that i need to do that?



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          "when i duplicate my master table to create a new one ..."

          Are you really duplicating the entire table or just a record in the master table?

          If just a record, what kind of data do you store in this table? Is this your master list of items and their prices?

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            Hi Phil:


            Sorry just the records, the fields row are:


            description | printer use | media | media price | sizew | sizeL | extras | extraprice | qty extra | punit | ptotal



            - description, sizew, sizeL, qty extras: are wrote directly on the master table

            - printer use, media, media price, extras, estra price: are related to product file to the lineitem table from the master file

            - punit ptotal are calculation

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              It's hard to follow your description but I think you are duplicating an invoice record and find that the line items don't also duplicate?


              That's expected Filemaker behavior. You'd need to add a script to find and duplicate the line item records also.



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                Hi Phil:


                Yes, thats what happen, the lineitems don't duplicate, and yes I need a script to do that, can I send the file to you?

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                  Um, well that's what I do for living, at some point, I have to draw the line and ask for payment. If I'm to develop a solution for you, that would be work right? :smileywink: If that's what you want, click my forum name and send me a private message and we'll discuss this.


                  On the other hand, if you want to do this yourself, look up information on Go To Related Records. This is a step that can be used to isolate the related records in a found set so that your script can loop through them and make duplicates.


                  Go To Related Records is a very useful tool, but which is very poorly documented. To learn more about GTRR, click the following link:

                  The Complete Go To Related Record



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                    Hi Phil:


                    Yes i guest the fee, let me read this link and tryed 1 more time.