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help duplicating portal data

Question asked by Pichi on Jan 18, 2010
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help duplicating portal data




i just finished my fm invoice program, but now i have 2 issues that i need to solved, someone can help me?, before i need to describe my fm db:

I have 1 file, name MASTER, this file have some tables those are:


1- master

2- lineItems

3- Budget

4- Job Order

5- Invoice


and i have others field those are related to my master file

file: customers

file: products

file: extras


All data from all my files are related to my MASTER file and i can made my invoices, budget, jor order, son on..., but i have 2 issues that i need to solved URGENT!


1- duplicate data from my table: when i duplicate my master table to create a new one and don't have to copy all data I only can copy some related data, but the LineItem dosen't copy to my new record how can i duplicate all my data ?


2- the lineItem is related to my products, this work great but if i need to modificate 1 field from my master table all items who has the same products change, it's posible to change just one and all the other identical keep the original data without create a new products each time that i need to do that?