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    Help exporting to the web



      Help exporting to the web


      Windows 7 Professional 64bit  /  FileMaker Pro v9.0v3


      I'm having a difficult time getting FM to export to my web, and finding a detailed step-by-step that shows how.


      My goal is to be able to export and update a long plant name list to my web - Help appreciated, IM

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             You have multiple approaches for this, I believe. This isn't something I can help you with much, but if you post a description of how you need to export your data (IWP, CWP, PDF, xml, HTML...?), perhaps another forum participant can chime in with the help you need.
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            Not sure what you mean by "export to my web". You can export records as HTML table - this will produce a very basic HTML document. A more sophisticated approach is to export as XML, using a XSL styleheet - you can find some examples of this in the Examples folder that came with the application.


            Either way, the result will be a HTML document exported locally - you will need to move it to your web site yourself, or use a FTP plugin.



            Another option: if your site is built using PHP/MySQL, I believe you can update the remote MySQL database directly from Filemaker.