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Help figuring out tables

Question asked by hpol on Nov 30, 2009
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Help figuring out tables & relationships needed for planned DB


I'm using FileMaker 10 Advanced in Windows XP environment that will be shared over the network or web (not sure yet).  I am a beginner, maybe adv. beginner.  I worked on developing FMP solutions for various artists to handle their artwork and an organization about 5 years ago - but have forgotten tons & am attempting something much more complex.


I'd like to create a database to manage information about video games: Game, platforms, studio that made the particular game (game + platform=specific game), developer, publisher, people associated with the game & their role.


Tables I created:








I figured I would need join tables and created two of them - but now it seems I'll need to join the joins(Game_Platform & Studio_Contacts) so that I can have a Layout that would look like this:


Game: Batman: Akham Asylum    Platform: XBOX360

Series: Batman

Released: 08/25/09

Developer: Rocksteady

Created by:  Rocksteady (sometimes different from developer)

Publisher: Eidos

Genre: Action Adventure

Studio Director: Jaime Walker

Art Director:  Dave Hego

Studio Producers:

I'd like to have layout for the Game that has each platform listed in a portal.  I'd like the release date, created by, and platform information to show & also be able to access the full layout by clicking the row in the portal.


I'd like the contact page to be able to listthe games associated with them.  I'd like to look at all the games published by a company.


Do I need another table that would connect Game_Platform & Contacts/Studio?  


Not sure of the best way to set this up & have been looking for relationship tutorials/advice.  Hopefully someone can help me out?  I'd super appreciate it!