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Help Filtering Portal

Question asked by brianquillin on Sep 18, 2011
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Help Filtering Portal


I am recording Purchases (on the Purchases Table/Layout).  Each purchase will be assigned to a SHOW and also a BUDGETLINE.  

SHOWS are being classified as "current, previous, or future".  

I have a Purchases 2 portal on my Purchase Layout where I want to show ONLY Purchases from the SHOW marked as "current".

I have tried MANY combinations of filters and calculations but haven't found a working method.  It appears that my Purchases::showname is not related to Show::ShowID or Show::showname.  

Current relationships (in my frustration/desparation, I've messed with these also - they may be setup incorrectly)

Show::showID --- < ShowBudgets::showID
ShowBudgets::budgetlineID ---< Purchases::budgetlineID

ONE Show may have MANY BudgetLines
ONE BudgetLine may have MANY Purchases

Do I have the path setup correctly?