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Help filters on portal

Question asked by ChristianPinzon on Mar 1, 2012
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Help filters on portal


Hello I would like some help in setting up a filter for a portal. I have a layout called "Reporte clientes" inside of it there´s a portal for the "Callbookitems" table (which is two tables away in the relationship). What I want is users to put name of the customer and month of the year, and that the portal shows all of the information related to the customer selected and to the month selected as well. I got it runing with customer selection (which is the parent key) but I cant add the month field as a filter that works over the portal. If some one is so kind to explain how to do it... I have tried with a global field but I dont know how to set up the relationship... Attached to this post there´s a screen shot of the relationship graph..