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    Help finding records



      Help finding records


           I’m a newbie and hobbyist who is having trouble finding specific records.

           I have a field named disposition (type: text) which contains various entries.

           I want to find only those records whose disposition is not “Completed”.

           In the Edit Find Request dialog what do I need to enter into criteria to get the result I want?

           I don’t see an “omit” operator which would work.

           I tried disposition != “Completed” but that didn’t find any records although obviously there are some.

           I incorrectly assumed that “!=” would be interpreted to mean “not equal to.”

           Your insight would be appreciated.

           Thanking you in advance.

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               You appear to be writing a script that finds records. There is indeed an option where you can enter "Completed" and specify the omit option to make the entire request an "omit" request as well as the ability to create multiple requests so that you can specify other criteria if needed and then add an "omit" request to filter out all records where "completed" is the text in the disposition field.

               But in a script, I prefer this approach as it makes it easier to see what search criteria was used in the script when you review your script at a later date:

               Enter Find Mode[]---->Clear the pause check box
               Set Field [YourField::Disposition ; "Completed"]
               Omit Record
               Set Error Capture [on]
               Perform Find []

               When your script is in Find mode, Omit Record produces the same effect as clicking the "omit" button in the tool bar.