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    Help for a newbie!



      Help for a newbie!


      I am involved with a steam locomotive and we have to keep a record of everyones contact details, along with the skills which they have . This needs to be searchable so that I can pull out just people with certain skills along with their contact details.


      Anyone like to talk me through it? 

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          Look at the sample Contact Management.fp7 db that is included with FMP installations. (create new database from template is the best way to get to it.)


          For simplistic approach, I'd just add a new text field called "skills" to the layout. Then define the field to use checkboxes for entry AND use a value list. Put all the criteria in the value list that you require. When you create an entry, you can check all the boxes you want, and using FIND, you will be able to search for those contacts.

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            Thanks for that. I have set out my database using the method you describe which was easy to follow, but I seem to have difficulty importing my info from Excel. Its putting full name and trainee details into the name field for instance?


            Also if I go to browse I can enter details manually apart from the 'full name' box.


            Can you help further. I am quite happy to send you a copy of the database if required.


            Many thanks for your help.