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Help for a script

Question asked by borninva on Oct 23, 2009
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Help for a script


FileMaker 10 Advanced - Mac OSX 10.6

I have a database of presentations made at various locatioins. Each different presentation has a unique ID code associated only with the name of that presentation. The presentation though may have been given multiple times at various locations, or, even multiple times at the same place over time. All of this is entered into the database as presentations are made.


I am wanting to script a report that will allow me to indicate a particular location where presentations have been made and then give a list of each different presentation made at that one place. In other words, I am seeking information in this report on only one location. The report should tell the name of each presentation made at that place, the number of times it was presented at that place, and the most recent date it was presented at that place.


For clarification: Hypothetically - nineteen different presentations have been given at one location fifty-seven times. The report on this will basically consist of 19 lines of information - each line identifying the name of one presentation of the 19, with how many times that particular presentation has been given at that place, and the most recent date it was given. (Fields exist in the main database for the name of the presentation, and its unique ID code, with each record indicating the date and the place of that presentation).


Your help is greatly appreciated.


Michael Hughes