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help for new FM purchase- html email, direct mail, reports

Question asked by ChristineSpeedy on Jun 2, 2011


help for new FM purchase- html email, direct mail, reports


HI I'm going to convert from ACT! Premum for workgroups 2007 PC to filemaker pro 11 mac and I'm seeking assistance on choosing the right mix of FM products and add-ons. While I can program html and understand databases, I only want to personally handle simple stuff and pay a consultant to set up anything too involved, including import records from ACT. Which items below need something other than FM Pro i.e. FM advanced, FM server, or an add-on solution?  If an add on  could you please recommend options?  Thanks!

Background: My primary purpose is CRM with DRIP features, including email blast. Less than 5000 contacts in a lifetime expected. Web publishing for < 50 products.

I have 2 email needs- regular emails and email blast for newsletters (under 1,000) 

- Is sending basic emails within FM with multiple SMTP set-ups supported? I use Eudora on mac now. I have multiple email addresses/  aliases to send from and I use mobileme. to sync email with iphone now. Switch to FM or not?

- Do email reports show whether the contact opened their email?

- html email capable?  I use mailchimp for opt-in list right now and like it, but integrated would be better. Is this post still valid and the best option?

- I want to create drip direct mail campaign. For example,  dependent on dynamic criteria  person gets a, b, c, and f or a, b, g direct mail pieces on a schedule- need it to say "hey chris- here's your group A, group b list for today"  so I can export labels. 

would be nice but depends on cost:

- to securely host database via web and restrict user access to certain records; Share some of my data with remote sales that do not have FM such as calendar or account that multiple people are working on. Security is paramount.

- anyone using FMgo for iphone recommend it?

Thanks in advance-