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Help for newbie...

Question asked by EricEisenstein on Jan 15, 2013
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Help for newbie...


     I am new to Filemaker, and I haven't designed a database in many years. 

     I am trying to create a specialty version of the "Meetings" template that FM includes.  In essence, what I would like to do is to specify a start and end date and what days of the week a recurring meeting will be on (e.g., Mon & Tue from 1/1/13 to 2/7/13) and then have FM create the matching records for all of the meeting days.  For each meeting, I then want to attach documents.  The document attachment process is manual. 

     I don't have a problem with the many to 1 relationship of the tables (one master "meeting name", multiple instances), but how do I get the various instances of the meeting to automatically populate the "meetings" table?