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    Help getting calculation to auto-update



      Help getting calculation to auto-update


      I'm sure there is an easy fix to it, but I don't know it! Any help would be appreciated.

      I have a calculation field that lists a member's "status" based on their date of expiration. The calculation reads below to fill the "member status" field:

      "Case (
      IsEmpty ( member_expires_date ); "No";
      member_expires_date  <  Get(CurrentDate) ; "Expired" ;
      member_expires_date  ≥  Get(CurrentDate) ; "Yes" ;

      This works great if I go to the member status field and enter in a new date. However, when that date passes, it doesn't automatically reconfigure and change a members status to expired. Do I need to write a script to refresh that field and replace its contents on a daily basis? What would that script look like? Or is there just a button I need to click?

      Thank you!


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          Yes there's a button you need to click. Wink

          First, don't use this expression in a text field with an auto-entered calculation. Use it in a field of type calculation that returns text. In Specify Calculation, there's the button you are looking for. Click Storage Options and specify "do not store".

          As an unstored calculation, like most calculations that use a get function, a calculation with Get ( CurrentDate ) will update as time passes. If it is stored, it will not update as you have found out.