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Help getting calculation to auto-update

Question asked by iwrc on Apr 15, 2011
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Help getting calculation to auto-update


I'm sure there is an easy fix to it, but I don't know it! Any help would be appreciated.

I have a calculation field that lists a member's "status" based on their date of expiration. The calculation reads below to fill the "member status" field:

"Case (
IsEmpty ( member_expires_date ); "No";
member_expires_date  <  Get(CurrentDate) ; "Expired" ;
member_expires_date  ≥  Get(CurrentDate) ; "Yes" ;

This works great if I go to the member status field and enter in a new date. However, when that date passes, it doesn't automatically reconfigure and change a members status to expired. Do I need to write a script to refresh that field and replace its contents on a daily basis? What would that script look like? Or is there just a button I need to click?

Thank you!