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Help getting calendar date/name fields to update - troubleshooting iGeek's creating a calendar from...

Question asked by ffdstudios on Feb 12, 2014
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Help getting calendar date/name fields to update - troubleshooting iGeek's creating a calendar from scratch 3 part blog


     Hello to all!  Thank you for hopefully helping me.  I have been using iGeek's blog to create my own calendar in my database and I have one area I'm just stuck on.  Here is the link to the first blog, which has links to the next blog at the bottom also.

      I have recreated this calendar as a standalone database to test it out before I implement it into my database.  The problem is, I cannot find any place where troubleshooting has been set up when someone gets stuck making a calendar.  I am a filemaker notice and I realize this is an intermediate type of project, however I am a fast learner and am falling in love with teaching myself Filemaker...but I've hit a road block...

      Ok, so here's my problem.  I created the Interface::cDisplayDate and Interface::cCalendarDate fields (per part 1) with calculations, set as text....  I have created my layout and have the 'calendars' color coded and that's working fine.  I also have my global fields Interface::gSelectedMonth and Interface::gSelectedYear created and placed with plus/minus keys next to them.  In fact, all fields, etc are created as instructed in the blog.  My problem is that, when I use the plus/minus keys to change the month and year, the events (through the portal) I have set up do successfully change because of the script PortalRefresh -->  Set Field [Interface::matchRefresh;1], however the cDisplayDate and cCalendarDate DO NOT refresh.  I've looked over the fields, made sure I've set them up correctly, that calculations are correct, etc but obviously I've missed something.  Basically, the events change but the month (date and daily dates) stay stuck in February.  If I delete out the cDisplayDate and cCalendarDate fields and then click, the dates will fill in, they just don't refresh on their own...  


     Thanks in advance for your help!