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Help Getting Filemaker to Print

Question asked by GD_1 on Jul 8, 2015
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Help Getting Filemaker to Print


I've spent countless hours creating a layout for our customers/business accounts.  However, many of the fields that I've created will not be filled in for every customer.  This creates a problem where when I go to print, I don't want to see all the empty fields.  I want it to skip over each empty field and only print the next one.  Also, the layouts never fit on a sheet of paper. I don't know how to adjust for this or have filemaker adjust for this so that it resizes it to fit on the page.  Any help is appreciated.  

EDIT: @PhilModJunk - What about using the table view? Take this for instance:  We run a small computer repair shop.  Sometimes customers have more than one device, sometimes they don't. In this scenario, one user's record has at least ten fields.  Some fields will have no data, for instance, we have fields set up for the model of the first computer, the username, the password, the model of the second computer, the username, the password, the third, etc.  If a customer has only one computer then many of these fields are empty.  How could I print out a table of just the data and have this on one sheet? I don't know if you've ever used Daylite, but the reporting engine will automatically leave out empty fields and compile a printable version. 

EDIT2: I noticed that if I open the sample solution of "personnel details" it has a set "printable view" that was created. How can I create a printable view in the same manner?