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    Help importing .csv.tsv file to FileMaker Pro Trial version



      Help importing .csv.tsv file to FileMaker Pro Trial version


           I am new to FileMaker. Am trying to see if right for me. I will need to bring 52,000 names from a contact software program. I can only export about 3000 names or records at a time. The file is exported as csv.tsv. Two of the fields are long( resumes). When I import as csv I do not get the whole field. Whan I import as csv.tsv I get the whole field with the all the text of a resume but I have quotation marks around everything.When I import as .xls I only get two lines of a field that should have many lines of text ( again resumes; I am a headhunter) So I am darned if I do and darned if I don't. One way has no quotes but not all the data; another way has all the data but I get quotes. Support was no help. I am not sure I will be able to use this program if I can't solve this issue. Someone,please?

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               .tsv means tab separated values? And you imported records with that file type option when importing?

               If the only way that you can get the complete data is with a tab file import and this has unwanted quotation marks, it should be possible to use Replace Field Contents to clean up the imported data by removing the leading and trailing quotes from your text.

               Use the calculation option with replace field contents, you could use:

               If ( Left ( YourField ; 1 ) = "\"" ; Right ( YourField ; Length ( YourField ) - 1 ) )

               To remove any quotation mark from the first character in YourField. A similar approach could remove a quotation mark that appears as the last character in the field.

               Since this is a pretty straight forward way to fix data that won't import perfectly, I'm suprised that Tech Support didn't suggest this method for resolving the issue.

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                 THank you Phil but while I was waiting I solved my own problem. Well so far so good. I first tried saving using whatever xls program came up in my mac. But when I saved in new version( 2011) of Excel it saved 100% correct and went into FM also perfectly. My first sheet of 1887 names are in and all is correct. SO I will now proceed with next batch of 3000 names to see what happens. But I think it has to be saved as a .xlsx file to work