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    Help importing and exporting



      Help importing and exporting




      I recently created a FileMaker Pro database and was wondering if there is a way to customize the records that are imported or exported. I would like to be able to choose a specific event and create name tags from that events attendees only. Right now it is creating name tags for all attendees that have been entered into FMP. Any help would be appreciated.



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          Do you know how to perform finds on your database?


          Simply by performing a find you can restrict the records you are working with to a specific portion of the total number of records in your database and this would allow you to print out name tags for just the participants of a specific event or export the found set of records to a file where a different application can be used to create your badges if that's what you need to do.

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               Yes I tried perofrming a find, but it would not return all the records. I only need specific fileds from the attendees (Preferred Name, and Employer).
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              "Yes I tried perofrming a find, but it would not return all the records."

              Why not? Can you describe what kept your find from returning all the records?


              "I only need specific fileds from the attendees (Preferred Name, and Employer). "

              This can easily be done by creating a new layout and putting just those two fields into the layout. If your badge has an Avery Number, you can even have filemaker create this by starting a new layout and selecting the "labels" option.

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                Oh thats a great idea. Now if I were to do something like this would there be a way to incorporate the Event Title? I would like to set up the Event Title field in the new layout as a drop down and once an event is selected it would auto fill the Attendees preferred name, and employer.

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                  You didn't answer the first question and this is key to getting anything to work for you. Why didn't your find return all the records you expected?


                  Let's assume you have a field where you identify which event these people are registered for. (Since one person could be registered for more than one event, you may want to make further changes to your database to support this so you don't have to re-enter a person's info for each event, but let's leave that idea alone for now.)


                  I'll call it "EventTitle" and assume that is a text field with the name of the event the person will be attending. This field can be set up as a drop down list of available events to avoid typos when selecting an event to attend.


                  With such a field, entering find mode and selecting an event from this drop down should enable you to pull up all the people who are registered for that event should be a simple operation.


                  Are you able to do this? If you can then we can look at adding the event title to your badge layout.

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                       Sorry about that I must have missed the first question. So i can get it to find the records, but when I export the records some of them come up blank. The way I have my setup is like this. I have an events layout and an attendees layout which are tables that store specific information about the event or the attendee. I then have another layout called participation that links then attendee and the event. So, when I perform a search I search by event title in the particpation layout, and for example it will return 5 records which is how many there were. I then tried to export it, and set my fields to export as Preferred Name, and Employer which are both stored in the Attendee layout. When I went to open the export all of the fields were blank.
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                      So the find worked correctly, that what I needed to confirm.


                      In your badge layout, you can add your event title. Base your new layout on the attendees layout and add your event title field from your events table to this layout.


                      Now you should be able to:


                      Perform your find to locate all participants for a given event.

                      Switch to the Badges Layout.

                      Print your badges.


                      The above steps can be performed by hand or in a script. You'll probably want to view your badges layout in preview mode to confirm that it's been set up correctly before you print it.

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                           OK, I'm not quite sure if I have the logic here right. I'll create a new layout titled Badges with with three fields: Preferred Name, Employer, and Event Title. The Badges layout and the Attendees Layout will be connected through the Preferred name, and the Badges Layout and the EVents Layout will be connected through the Event Title. Is this correct. Also, will I need another table occurence to make this work?
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                          Each layout you create has an underlying table reference that you can see when you enter layout mode and select layout setup...


                          You can place fields on your layout from this specified layout and any related tables. You will only need to create a new table occurrence if you need to create a new relationship.


                          I'm assuming that if you open up Manage | Database | Relationships, you'll see at least two table occurrences: Attendees and Events with a relationship line linking these two. The linked fields probably show either an Event Title field in both tables or you are using and Event ID number to link the two tables. Either option works.


                          When you set up your badges layout, you want attendees as the underlying table reference as you want one badge for each attendee. Due to the above relationship I've described, you can place fields on this badge layout from either table. When you use the field tool to drop a new field on this badge layout, you'll see a list of tables with the layout's underlying table as the first choice at the top. You can select any table and then choose a field from that table's list to add it to the layout.

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                               So I got the badges to display correctly, but I can't limit attendees by event. So I have 200 total records, but i only need to make badges for 25 of them. I created a drop down list for the Event Title field, but that has no effect on the attendees that it displays.
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                              To limit your records to just a certain set of attendees, you need to perform a find to produce a found set of just the records you need badges for.


                              In your attendees table, you should have a field that assigns them to a given event. This field probably storeds the title of your event though other options are also possible.


                              If this is the case, you need to enter find mode, select the event title from the drop down and then perform the find.


                              Let's say you have an event titled "FMP Developers Conference" and 10 people have registered for this event.


                              Switch to your badges layout.

                              Enter find mode.

                              Select "FMP Developers Conference" from the drop down menu field.

                              Click Perform Find.

                              Switch to preview mode to check to see if your badges will print correctly.


                              You should now see badges for the 10 people registered for this event.


                              If this doesn't work correctly, then we have either the layout or the relationships set up incorrectly.

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                                   Great thanks for all your help that is working perfectly!