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Help Importing and Merging a CSV

Question asked by AramTokatian on Dec 4, 2014
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Help Importing and Merging a CSV


Good morning all. Kind of still a newbie on FM13. If you can assist, I would deeply appreciate it. I currently use quickbooks in my business, but the version I have does not allow you to import pictures and associate them with inventory items. I have decided to write a simple flat database in which I can import a XLS file generated by QB into FM.

Well it imports very nicely. I then drop pictures into my container fields associated with any inventory part/ per record within FM.

My problem is when I go to import the file again, it overwrites my pictures even though mapping is set not to receive anything for the picture field. I also want it not to duplicate records every time it imports from then on. I don't know if it will do that or not yet.

Once it is complete, I should be able to simply find inventory parts visually and make it quicker to order parts, instead of memorizing numbers. 

Any assistance would be deeply appreciated.