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Help in creating summary field in a financial budget

Question asked by homeriom on Mar 19, 2009
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Help in creating summary field in a financial budget



Greetings and thanks for taking my question. 

Version 9 

Question: I have created a financial budget using the numbers from the old year budget and projecting a New Year budget. It also includes a field for dollar change and (%) percentage change. This all works fine. I also subtotal the various accounts by a field and I obtain subtotals calculations for these fields. The dollar change field on the subtotal summary is correct.  The percentage increase or decrease for the subtotal is incorrect. I am assuming that I need to make this a summary field instead of a calculation field, but I have not been able to make this come out correctly. My last attempt of creating this summary field was using: average of, summarize information. I trust I am explaining this correctly.  Thanks for your