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Help in Planning Database

Question asked by brian47933 on Feb 10, 2015


Help in Planning Database


Hello everyone. I'm new to FileMaker and am looking for guidance in database design. We are a school moving from multiple Excel worksheets to a small database.

I want to track student progress through our system. I need to see student information including current and past classes, exam results, academic advisor, and current and past teachers.

I have some understanding of the one-to-many relationship, but I'm not clear on how to do the setup.

I've come up with the attached diagram.

  1. One School Year to Many Modules.
  3. One Module to Many Levels.
  5. One Level to Many Sections (individual classes)
  7. Many Teachers to Many Sections (I created a Link Table called Registers - Many Teachers to One Register)
  9. One Section (or Register) to Many Students
  11. One Register to Many Exams (I want to track Students Exam results by Section here)
  13. One Dean to Many Students

We use a unique StudentID number generated by the Student office. I would like to use this number to do searches. I have been watching the training videos on

Any guidance on how to get this design organized and what I need to look out for would be greatly appreciated.