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    help in print setup



      help in print setup




           I will like to ask someone advice and help me with this issues.

           First I will like to make a template to print the invoices from the lineitemsorders layout, but I dint know how to set it up, do I create a new layout from the orderslineitems as a duplicate, but what I do next


           second I need to be able to print a contract from layout, but when I go to the preview mode I half of the sheet only and I don't find a way to make or resize the print options, I have attached a photo for references you will see the dotted line and I know that the page is formatted at letter size, but the layout mode it just shows half


           thank you


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               do you have these tables and relationships?

               Orders----<OrdersLineItems   (---< means one to many)

               If so, you can create a layout based on OrdersLineItems. Make this a list view layout with your fields from OrdersLineItems arranged in a row in the body and the body resized to be just large enough to hold this row of fields. You can then add fields from Orders to the header, footer or a grand summary layout part as needed to complete your invoice the way you want it to appear.

               To use this layout, perform a find or use Go to Related Records from the Orders Layout to pull up a found set of just the ORdersLineITems records for that ORders record on this new layout and print.


               While examining your layout in layout mode, first open print setup and make sure that the correct: Printer, page size, and orientation is selected. Then select Layout Setup... and click the printing tab to make sure that any desired margins have been specified. (Specifying margins is one way to make sure that you layout prints exactly the same on different printers.

               Now check the position of the dotted lines marking the limits of your printers printable area as modified by printer and margin settings. Anything to the right of the vertical dotted line will not print. Anything below the horizontal line will print on a subsequent page. When you preview a layout, you will see page one for record one in your preview, but if there are more pages to your preview, you can click the "book" control in the upper left corner of the status tool bar to see the other pages of your preview.

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                 again thanks and here is the table so you can see the relationship, i was able to make the order template thru the portal as you advise last time

                 I still are not able to print nothing

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                   That design is consistent with what I assumed in my previous post.

                   But you'll have to explain what you set up and exactly what results you got when you were "not able to print nothing". As that provides no information that I can use to help you figure this out.

                   Please note that the invoices starter solution that comes with FileMaker Pro uses the method that I am describing so you can use New from Starter Solution to get a copy of this file and get a working example.