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Help making reports

Question asked by TonyReis on Nov 6, 2013
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Help making reports


     I need some help creating reports for this database that I have made. I have attached it. I need to be able to create a report that is able to group by month of entry. I need to tell me the total number of records created that month as well. And then break it down even more by Manufacture, Device, warranty status. Including the total revenue for that month.  I figure that the last 3 will just be a calculation formula.  They are also value lists so I should be able to group them by the respected values. I just can't figure out how to do this or how to group them by months.

                    Sorry, I just want to be more detailed in what I would like it to do.

                    I would like the repair to show me the month, total recorded created that month in number format. The record totals for that month broken down by different manufacture, devices. Then the number of warranty records and the total for revenue income.

                    So something looks like this:


                    October  115 records

                    Apple repairs 35 : warranty 20 : out of warranty 15 : Revenue $1500

                    Ipads 5 : imacs 16 : macbooks 9 : Ipods 5

                    And so on for every different manufacture and start again for a next month.

                    When I have tried I get a list for every day of the month.

                    To be more detailed Manufacture and devices are a value list. warranty is radio button set

                    Is there a way to break it down like this?

     Any help would be appreciated