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      HELP ME


      hi TO SCRIPTING GENIUS i need ur help badly
      i have created 4 fields 1 2 3 4.1st and 2nd are numbers 3rd is a calculation field of 1 and 2 and 4th is a drop down list with value list(less, normal, more) --hope u got it--
      if the calculated value in 3 less than expected 4th field must be automatically set to less hope u understood
      i couldnt make it with scripting THIS SITE IS  my only hope and i looking forward for help from A genius

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          You don't need a script for this, just an auto-entered calculation. You don't indicate what you mean by "less than expected" so you'll have to adjust the following example to fit your actual circumstances.


          Define an auto-enter option for field 4 (assuming all fields are part of the same table here.)


          If ( field3 < expectedValue ; "less" ; self )  /* self keeps value unchanged if field 3 is not less than expected */


          clear the "Do not replace existing value" check box so that field will automatically update if field3's value changes.