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    help me decide



      help me decide


      We will be using FM to access a MySQL database on our webserver.  Users will have to access via internet since we reside in different countries.  I will have to buy more FM licenses after setting up the database or use FMPro Advanced to create a standalone app.  Question.  Could I get by with only upgrading my FMPro to FMPro Advanced and create a standalone application for the other users?  Or, would there be an advantage for the other users to have FMPro regular version.  None of the other users will ever do any of the programming.  All they will do is access the online database.  Being a non-profit mission org, we want to do it the most economical way.


      Thanks for any input.

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          If you have many users that will be accessing it through a web interface, then you may need FileMaker server ( or Server Advanced depending on what your needs are ). You only need one copy of Pro Advanced fo development.


          If you dont want to build a web interface, then you will need copies of Pro for all your users.


          How many users do you have? 

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            There are now 3 and soon to be 4 users.


            I have a test db set up using ODBC drivers to access the data (MySQL) on our webserver.   It seems to work fine.  If I can create a standalone that will work well with the ODBC drivers I see no reason for the others to have their own copy of FM since none of them would have a clue as to what to do with it.  Maybe I should clarify that this is a hosted server and not a dedicated computer (server) that we set up.


            I don't know what advantage FM server would give me unless it has to do with access by too many at one time.  I'm not familiar with the use or need of FM server.  Maybe you can enlighten me on that issue.





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              Well FMS is needed for anything over 5 users on the web. ( IWP )


              Now from what you are saying, it seems as though you want to create runtime applications. Runtime applications can not be networked or use ESS to the MySQL db (Technicall there may be ways but it goes against the license). Otherwise, people would just buy one copy of FileMaker Pro Advanced, build a runtime, and use it as a front end to a SQL backend for $500 for hundreds of users.


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                Thanks, I think I've got it.  Guess we will need to buy FMPro for the other users as necessary since it would be a long time before we go over 5 since I can't do exactly what you mentioned, build a front end with Advanced and access the MySQL database via the web.  Guess I need to go read the license for all the products.  Really a bummer.  Or, I have experimented with RealBasic and even though it will take me longer, I can write a standalone front in and access the web database with no problem.  I've already tested both FM and RealBasic as a solution and the advantage of FM is quick and easy compared to writing the RealBasic code.


                Thanks for the input.