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Help me decide on upgrade path

Question asked by macpublish on Dec 16, 2009
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Help me decide on upgrade path


BACKGROUND: My FMP development days are long over but I've been using FMP6 for a very long time to run our business. I recently got a new iMac that runs snow leopard. I rarely modify the structure or calcs of my database files anymore--I just add new data and occasionally make a tweak to a report, field or script. So FMP6 works pretty well with Snow Leopard but there are the occasional crashes and I am thinking I need to make a decision about the future of my databases before I get my files all corrupted.


So I guess my choices are:


1. Keep FMP6 files as they are and run as legacy system on an older Mac. Runs great on G4 with Tiger and pretty fast too. 


2. Upgrade to FMP 10. Can I get away with using the non-advanced version of FMP? I don't need analysis tools, just need to modify scripts, formulas, etc. Will all my data and scripts come in fairly easily or is there going to be a lot of trouble-shooting? I don't need another computer project right now just to get the same usability that I already have and money is tight, so I am thinking #1 is better for me but what do you think?


3. ??? Can't think of another option but maybe there not going all the way to version 10. Maybe a version between 6 and 10 on eBay that will make for easier upgrade of my files and possibly have a better chance with snow leopard? 


I know it's a decision for me in the end but I am hoping some of you have experienced this situation and have some advice.