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    help me please



      help me please


      Hello Guys , 

      In My solution i have 3 tables 

      01. Transactions 
      02. Accounts 
      03. subaccounts 

      the relationship is 

      transaction=------= Accounts =------=subaccounts 
      transaction id -------->accoutransid-----------> Subaccid
      X X 

      Accounts can create data in transaction table and subaccounts both. it works well

      my question is when new record create on transaction table, i want to pull subaccount name from subaccount table an copy it to one field in transaction table 

      any help appreciated


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          The labels are confusing here. Why is the table occurrence named "sub_account" but you then edit the screen shot to put "Account" above it?

          and the occurrence named Sub_acc_class then has "sub account" added above it?

          Do you want a name from a field in sub_acc_class to appear on your db_transactions layout?

          That will be a problem as the relationship from db_transactions to sub_account to sub_acc_class is many to one to many. When you link a record in db_transactions to sub_account by entering/selecting a value in db_transactions::sub_account, that links you to one sub_account record, but it can link to a group of different records in sub_acc_class. Which record in that group would have the correct name?