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    Help me please?!



      Help me please?!


      Good afternoon, everyone.  I'm creating a database for my company and I need some help with FileMaker.  I have learned most of the program on my own, but I have a few things I need done and I cannot figure out how to do it at all.  I am sorry if these issues have been answered before, and if they have, please help steer me in the right direction.  Here's what I need help with:


      1) I need help making portals editable.  I have the portal with all the fields added in as they should be, but there's no option to add another row item to the portal.  I can't add anything to the portals. How do I create the button that allows you to add new rows to the portal?  I am lost on the script building part of this.  

      Also, the green magnifying glass on the right of each field indicates that the field is searchable, which also means the field is indexed, correct?  


      See the screencap below for a visual.  Thank you all so much for any help you may be able to offer!


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          1) You have two options:

          a) Open Manage | Database | relationships and find the relationship that defines this portal. Double Click the relationship line to open a dialog box where you can click the "allow creation of records via this relationship" check box for the portal's table. Now you can add new records in the portal just by entering data in the bottom blank row of the portal.

          b) add a button on the layout that creates your new related button for you. This is often a better option if you enter enough data in your portal that you need to frequently scroll it to expose the bottm blank "add row" option a) adds to your portal:

          Freeze Window
          Set Variable [$ID ; value: LayoutTable::PrimaryKey ]
          Go To laout [//select layout based on portal's table here]
          New Record/Request
          Set Field [PortalTable::foreignKey ; $ID ]
          Go To Layout [original layout]

          In portals with lots of records, this script is particularly useful if a sort order on the portal will sort this newly created record to the top of your portal.

          2) The magnifying glass tells you that the field is searchable by quick search and green magnifying glass marked fields search faster than those with yellow magnifying glasses.