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    Help me understand validation



      Help me understand validation


      In the options dialog box for a field, under the Validation section, the choices are Always & Only during data entry with a checkbox for allowing override during data entry.  Now, does it really matter what is checked here if nothing is selected below the horizontal line in the "Require" section? Any at all?

      Thanks for helping a very small light bulb come on...



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          Hi Radcon,


          Radio buttons usually begin 'life' as unselected (none chosen yet).  In Access, this is null state (never held a value) and different than empty.  Empty would mean it did (at one time) contain a value and was then deselected (value removed).  But one cannot deselect a radio button unless we use a trick of [SHIFT-DELETE];  we can only change a value.


          The validation radio buttons come with default selected  'Only during data entry'.  [SHIFT-DELETE] will not work in the validations table tab if we (the User) change our minds and want to deselect it.


          If the radio button used resources (if nothing is selected in 'Required' )  then I would think FMI would default the radio button as unselected (neither on).  But then they would need to also provide method of deselecting (using a clear button) or provide three options, adding a third radio selection of "Neither".  It is my conjecture that it doesn't matter at all which radio button is selected if there is nothing in Required.


          UPDATE:  It would make more sense (to me) if the validation display was 1) what do you want to validate, 2) when do you want 1) to validate and then 3) what should happen if validation fails? 

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            I too think it doesn't matter when does something that doesn't happen not happen. But to tell the truth, whenever I remove validation from a field, I also restore those choices to their default state (you never know with Filemaker).

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              comment wrote:

              I too think it doesn't matter when does something that doesn't happen not happen.


              Gee, I thought my question was a simple yes, no type of thing...:smileyvery-happy: