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    Help Needed



      Help Needed




      I have 21 different texts (words)  ( they are just type in on a DB they are not a field)


      Here is what I want to do.


      1. Create a button  for each individual word that will take me to a specific layout and to that specific record.



      Word =  President

      So when I click on the word president I want it to go to the president job description


      word = Secretary  

      So when I click on the word president I want it to go to the president job description



      and so on


      if anyone can help me with that it would be great




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          If they are simply layout objects you can format them as buttons and then assign the button to go to the appropriate layout.

          Select the layout object then choose Format>>Button Setup from the menus






          If what you are really asking is to assign hyperlink like text to words contained within a field then that is an entirely different matter.



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            Take a look at this Demo file: http://www.4shared.com/file/v5xFb7_R/ClickedWordDemo.html (Requires Filemaker 10 or 11)

            With this technique, you can put your text in a text field and the script triggered when you enter the field will extract the word in the field that was clicked and use it to search a definitions table. Each word must be separated by one or more spaces unless you modify the script to check for other word delimitters.


            Edit note: Updated demo file to fix bug that occurs if text field is empty and added new download link to this post.

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              that demo doesnt seem to work for me and im using fm10. all i get is a continuous hr glass. thank you anyhow

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                Download the file again. I just clicked the download link, dowloaded a copy and opened it with filemaker 10. It worked correctly, no continuous hourglass.


                You should get a plain layout with 4 words listed twice in two copies of the same field. Clicking any word in the upper copy of the field should either take you to a layout showing its definition or will pop up an error message if the word is not found in the defintions table.


                Perhaps your copy was somehow corrupted during the download.

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                  After further checking I found that if the Demo's text field is empty, the script gets trapped in a infinite loop.


                  Here's the link to the updated demo: http://www.4shared.com/file/v5xFb7_R/ClickedWordDemo.html

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                    mmm that link didn't work for me either, running 8.5 on mac I'm guessing something in script is not backwards-compatible?


                    although it works if you select a word, then 'perform script'....



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                      oops just re-read previous posts - 'only works for 10 and 11' - :smileysad: