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Help needed - Building an IT Service Manager database

Question asked by DanielMitchell on Nov 14, 2014


Help needed - Building an IT Service Manager database



I have previously started work on this project before, but due to illness over the past year I have had to start again from scratch, including learning to use Filemaker again.

I have worked through numerous tutorials found online and brought my learning up to the point whereby I think I can start to tackle this project again.

Rather than make a start, run in to problems, request help, run in to more problems and request more help again, I am hoping that some kind soul would like to take me on as a project of his/her own and help me out by holding my hand through the project - be the single point of help that I need to help me learn the steps of not only building the finished product but also through the planning stages and setup?

To give some idea of what I am trying to achieve:

I am a self-employed IT Repair Technician running two shops in different towns.
I currently use a Microsoft Access database to record customers, their devices, work completed and to invoice.  It works, just about, but is a db purchased online that is non-industry specific, and as such I have had to adapt to the db rather than the db being fit for my needs.

I would like to create customers and their devices, book in a device, print a receipt for the device, record the work history of the service and print an invoice at the end along with a returned item form.  The printed items (reciept for device and returned item form) would be signed by the customer, scanned as PDF the contained in the db along with the service history.
I would like to keep very detailed information on the devices, such as specification, colour, software licences, usernames and passwords, installed software.
I would also like to be able to print various labels, such as Device ID's for attaching to devices, next service due etc also.

Anyone up to the task?  Thanks for reading