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HELP NEEDED - dynamic value list with lookup

Question asked by Alex_Riva on Oct 9, 2009
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HELP NEEDED - dynamic value list with lookup


Please help me with this issue. I'm stuck.




A Tour Operator is a company who sends guests to our hotel. When we have a reservation, a new Invoice is created. One Tour Operator can have many contacts (people who work for that tour operator), and all these people can make reservations in our hotel, thus relating to an invoice.


What I need is: 1st I want to choose a tour operator. Then, I want to choose a contact based on the existing contacts from that tour operator (dynamic value list). Finally, when i choose a contact, I want to lookup many variables related to that contact and copy them to fields in my invoice.


I'm having problems relating these tables to make it work. Either the lookup doesn't work or the dynamic value list doesn't work. Please, I really need help!


I started using Fmaker a couple months ago and I am studying a lot and reading many posts in the forum. I am using the Fmaker Version 10.0v3 on a Mac with Leopard OSX.


Thank you!