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Help needed to convert FM6 to FM11 Pro

Question asked by DolfSchroeder on Dec 22, 2011
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Help needed to convert FM6 to FM11 Pro



I have been using FM Pro for 20 years and now downloaded FM11Pro because I upgraded my iMac to Lion in order to use iCloud.  This has caused total frustration.  I have a Product file with 700 products, a customer database with 7300 customers, an invoice file with 8550 invoices, a purchase order file with 1070 purchase orders and a file with about 200 letters.  

When I did the upgrade it converted the old files into FM11 files, however, when I enter a part number in the invoice it does no longer bring up the description and unit price as before.  When I enter the customer code in the invoice it does no longer bring up the address.  I have tried to understand FM11 Pro, but I just don't get it.  To me it looks like all the relations are properly entered, but they don't work. In order to continue creating invoices for my business I have to enter addresses and part descriptions manually.  

I want to find a person that can visit my business in Parker, CO and fix the problems here, or that can remote controlled work in my iMac to see what I have and get me going again.

Anybody in Colorado that can help?

My phone is 720-851-8800 - email:


Dolf Schroeder