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    Help needed to convert FM6 to FM11 Pro



      Help needed to convert FM6 to FM11 Pro



      I have been using FM Pro for 20 years and now downloaded FM11Pro because I upgraded my iMac to Lion in order to use iCloud.  This has caused total frustration.  I have a Product file with 700 products, a customer database with 7300 customers, an invoice file with 8550 invoices, a purchase order file with 1070 purchase orders and a file with about 200 letters.  

      When I did the upgrade it converted the old files into FM11 files, however, when I enter a part number in the invoice it does no longer bring up the description and unit price as before.  When I enter the customer code in the invoice it does no longer bring up the address.  I have tried to understand FM11 Pro, but I just don't get it.  To me it looks like all the relations are properly entered, but they don't work. In order to continue creating invoices for my business I have to enter addresses and part descriptions manually.  

      I want to find a person that can visit my business in Parker, CO and fix the problems here, or that can remote controlled work in my iMac to see what I have and get me going again.

      Anybody in Colorado that can help?

      My phone is 720-851-8800 - email: europlotter@me.com


      Dolf Schroeder

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          Backing up a FMP database, especially when it is working well is very important. This gives you a known good version to use when trouble develepe.

          Newer versions of FMP can be more sensitive to subtle damage in a database.

          Making a Copy of the folder containing the database(s) is the first step in converting from one FMP version to another.

          Opening the Copies of each database, Saving As Clone is the second step.  Labelling the various copies or containing folder in this process is useful.

          Recover the Clones of each Database, checking the log for errors at each step.

          Select the Recovered Clones (all the databases ver FMP 6) and drop them on the FMP ver 11 icon.

          The group of databases will be converted at one time. Hopefully maintaining relationships and functionality.

          With FMP 11 recover each converted database, check the log.

          Open the cloned, FMP 6 recovered clones, FMP 11 converted recovered clones, FMP 11 recovered converted recovered clones, and import the data from the original databases.

          Filemaker's Pages about conversions



          From a Google "filemaker convert fmp 6 to fmp 11"

          David Anders
          The Computer Guy, Seattle

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            Are the relationships involved based on text or number fields?

            What kind of part numbers are you using?

            Text files index and match values differently in FileMaker 11. A few characters such as spaces and punctuation that were ignored in Older versions are no longer ignored in FileMaker 11 and other more recent versions. Thus, an extra space in a text field might not prevent a match to your values in FileMaker 6 but will in FileMaker 11.

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              Thanks for the input.  

              - relationships are both text and number fields

              - Part numbers are letters and numbers, most often with a dot after the first 3-4 numbers (e.g.  "910.309-S")


              I have spent many hours already trying to fix my problem.  I also tried to convert the saved FM6 file again, but without success.

              I am adding about 10 invoices and Purchase orders daily by manually typing in the address fields and product descriptions as well as prices. if I go back to the saved FM6 file, I will not have what I added during the last week.  I need to find a solution to correct the relationships in FM11 or whatever else is causing my problem of not looking up fields that I defined in FM6.

              Anyone around in Denver that could solve my problems on-site against payment. 

              Or, is there a way to go from FM11 back to FM6?  Then I would use a computer with SnowLeopard loaded just for FM6. 

              I appreciate any help I get.





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                Don't live in Denver so can't come by and help you.

                Since it appears that you are using fields of type text to match part numbers, trailing spaces, leading spaces, puncuation such as the period you have here, if found in the key field of one table and not the other, could explain why this is not working. I recomend you or any consultant you get to look at your file list out a sampling of records from both tables and look very carefully at the data. It may be that a simple use of Replace Field Contents with the calculation option can clean up the data and get this working for you in fairly short order.

                One of my converted files failed in one relationship based on Company Names (No wasn't using field as primary key--this was a relationship used to support interface features...) When I examined the data, I found that some records had company names listed as:

                Acme Trading.   which didn't match to Acme Trading
                John's Welding which didn't match to Johns Welding

                But did match in my original 5.5 files due to the difference in indexing. Once I cleaned up my data, the relationship worked as expected for me.

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                  Can I ask the obvious, please?  You said in your original post that you converted the files (standard FM routine) and that 'all the relations are properly entered'.  Did you leave FM to do that, or did you have to amend anything?  It is so long since I converted a set of independent FM6 files that I can't remember how FM handles all the external links.  You say you 'don't get FM11' (which does take some getting your head around) so I am curious what you have done to set up or verify the relationships.  Within an FM11 file written from scratch the various 'files' (now 'tables') would all be contained inside the one file.  With a suite of FM6 files those relationships would all be considered 'external' now. It may be that you have omitted a very basic step.