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    Help needed with a calculation



      Help needed with a calculation


      Hi. I'm very new to filemaker and need help making a calculation.

      I have to fields (which are drop down text boxes). I want a third field to effectively "add" these together for an automated response.

      My text fields are:

      Field 1: Single Adult, Double Adult, Single Parent and Family

      Field 2: Single Adult, Single Child, Adult + Child, Child + Child, N/A


      and ideally I want the calculation to be able to give these responses:


      Field 1               Field 2               Field 3 (calculation)

      Single Adult        Single Adult        = Double Adult

      Single Adult        Single Child        = Single Parent


      and so forth.


      Can anyone help me make this work?

      Thanks very much!

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          You can use a Case statement to produce a result for each combination.


          Case ( field1 = "Single Adult" AND field2 ="Single Adult"; "Double Adult";

                    field1 =  "Single Adult" AND field2 ="Single Child"; "Single Parent";

                    field1 =  "Single Parent" AND field2 ="Single Child"; "Single Parent"




          That being said, I dont quite understand what you are trying to achieve. Perhaps if you can further explain yourself, we can help you better strucuture your data.