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Help Needed with a field set Calculation

Question asked by shae1725 on Dec 22, 2013
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Help Needed with a field set Calculation


     Im having trouble with a Button calculation. not as easy as  I first thought!

     What I what to achieve is to have a button set a field    Parent::ColorIDList    with the contents of the first record of    Child::ColorID

     on each press of the button I want to REPLACE the first record in Parent::ColorIDList  with  the next Child::ColorID and so on until the last record when the calculation goes back to the first Record.

     I also want to skip any records which have no value (I have a field Child::cCountColor already in place for this purpose)

     I will probably create two buttons using a script parameter with   +1 and -1 to go forwards and backwards but can probably do that part myself. if someone one could guide me on the first part I would be very thankful.