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help needed with navigation in script

Question asked by jdevans on Mar 16, 2015
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help needed with navigation in script


I have a field that is defined as a date field. I have a script that checks if the user selects Sunday of a given week. If the user selects Sunday, navigation goes to the next field per tab order.

If not, a message box appears telling the user to select a date that falls on a Sunday.

Then the script clears their incorrect selection. 

I would love to know how to get the script to go back to the field, and stay there. Everything I have tried the cursor goes to the next field.

Here is what I have, that doesn't work...

Refresh Window [Flush cached join results]
If [DayOfWeek (GLOBALS::x_week_selected) ≠ 1]
   Show Custom Dialog["Not Sunday"; "Please select a date that falls on a Sunday."]
   Clear [Select; GLOBALS::x_week_selected]
   Go to Field [GLOBALS::x_week_selected]
End If

Again, I have tried may other versions of this. I tried using Go To Object, and named the x_week_selected field the same as the field name.
I tried re-arranging the order.

I tried an Else If statement. I also tried, instead of clearing the field, just going back to it, highlighting the previously selected date. I tried putting my Go To Field step AFTER the End If step. Still doesn't work. Nothing...

Everything I have tried doesn't put the cursor back in the date field. Instead, it advances to the next field.