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Help needed with time calculation in portal information

Question asked by LukeCulleny on Mar 26, 2013
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Help needed with time calculation in portal information


     Hello all! Please excuse me if there are any errors or I am not providing enough information as this is my first time posting. I am still a learning user with Filemaker with little scripting experience. I am building a database to help schedule setup and shoot times for a schedule I have essentially 6 fields that I am working with and several tables. This database has been converted from a filemaker template for invoiceing to perform the tasks I need it to perform. the fields are the following:

     StartTime (Time Field) - Has the time I want the calculations to start from

     SetupTime (NumberField) - Has a value in minutes that could range anywhere from 1 minute to 120 minutes

     SetupTimeCalc (CalculationField) - Meant to calculate times for me Please see screenshot for details

     ShootTime (NumberField) - Same parameters as SetupTime field but different value

     ShootTimeCalc (CalculationField) - Meant to calculate times like SetupTimeCalc field See Screenshot for Details

     EndTime (Calculation) - Display the end time after all portal records have been calculated.


     The Tables are the following:

     Shots - what the portal is displaying, the SetupTime, SetupTimeCalc, ShootTimeCalc and ShootTime fields currently belong to this table

     Schedule - Start time and EndTime currently belong to this table.


     I Need these calculations to be able to be refreshed If i change the order of the records in the portal by using my sort order column. I will always enter the StartTime, SetupTime and ShootTime fields and would like for the program to calculate as much as possible. i plan to have this program generate a report that displays the exact same information as well.

     I am a college student that understands computers very well but as I stated earlier I am still learning filemaker so I ask that you please be as specific as needed so that I fully understand what you are explaining to me. I really appreciate you taking the time to review my question and I look forward to any help that can be provided.