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Help needed: calculation for specifying patient records as "open" or "resolved"

Question asked by user18408 on Jun 18, 2013
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Help needed: calculation for specifying patient records as "open" or "resolved"


Oh gurus

     I have; 
  •           A set of patient records each identified by a unique ID "CSR ID".
  •           On creation of a new record the status of the patient record is set to 1 in a field called "CSR status". This defines a patient record as "open". 
  •           There is a button that can set the patient record as "resolved" which sets the "CSR staus feild to 0

     From this i am able to caculate the

  •           The number of records "open" by "counting" the CSR status field
  •           The number of records "resolved" by subrating a count of the CSR status field from the a get total number of records function.
     That all works so far, now the troubling bit. I have a portal (see screenshot) to the patient records that filters by patient name and unique ID. This works well as a search system for the database. 
     I would like to add a field to this portal that shows which patient cases are "open" and which are resolved. In effect i want to take the 1 and 0 classifications of "CSR status" and convert them to a text denotation. 
      So i make myself another field to display in the portal, lets call it OpenResolved and i want this field to calculate its value (text) using an if statement based on the CSR status of 1 or 0. 
     If (CSR status = 1; OpenResolved = "Open" ; OpenResolved = "Resolved" )
     Problem is this seemingly dosen't work
     Can someone point me to how i am going wrong please