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Help New to FMP

Question asked by BadSaila on Oct 8, 2009
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Help New to FMP



I am new to FMP, I have used Access before, I would say intermediate lvl. I have FMP 10.0.v3 Advanced. I'm trying to create my first DB but am having a rough time. Hopefully someone can help.


Trying to build a table with a list of characteristics and elements from those characteristics. example





inventories                         0                        0

calibration                          0                        0



inventories                   present             supervisor               initials accurate

                                  OBS DISC          OBS DISC                OBS DISC

                                    0     0               0     0                     0      0


calibration                    calibration date     sticker                   storage

                                    OBS DISC           OBS DISC             OBS DISC

                                      0     0                0     0                  0      0  


the problem i'm having is on my output report i need to account for total observation and total discrepancy in each element and total discrepancy for each characteristic.


I tried radio buttons but no luck. I had the radio buttons setup like this


TOOL Kits                   Satisfactory               Unsatisfactory           DidNotLook

Inventories                (radio button)              (radio button)           (radio button)

Calibration                 (radio button)              (radio button)            (radio button)


when click on radio button (unsatisfactory) pops open a window where i can  enter the discrepancy and what element.

default radio button is (didnotlook)

satisfactory radio button would create a record saying i performed that audit letting me count the total observations. Then I thought i could pull that information into my output report.