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    Help on changing existing file name



      Help on changing existing file name


      Quite a few years ago, a database was created for the company I work for, and the file name was unfortunately named something year-specific.  This database has persisted, and yet the name references an old year.

      I would like to change the file name, but know that this specific file name is called for in scripts, tables, and all sorts of places all over the server and all of its files.

      Does anyone have advice for how I can change the file name without really screwing everything up? Or do I have to create a new file and move all the data over? We're working off FMP 11 advanced, if that helps.


      Thank you in advance.

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          Use FMP advanced to generate a database design report in HTML. Open the report in your browser and search the report for all references to this filename. Fix each reference in turn. (You can often remove the "hardwired" file name references by substituting Get ( FileName ) in place of the quoted text.)

          Once you can generate a new DDR and searches for the old filename come up without finding it, you can change the name of your file without breaking it.

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            Thanks! I am kind of new to FileMaker...can you tell me how to generate the database design report in HTML? I'd assume that this report includes all databases on the server, right? Or do I need to generate a report against each of the databases individually?

            Sounds like a great solution - I appreciate the help.

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              Simply select Database Design Report from the tools menu. The system will list many options including which files of those you currently have open for which you want a report. It will generate one such report for each file you select.

              The file should open automatically in your browser where you can use the browser's search tool to search for specific text in the report. If your file's name is so generic that other items in the database have this same name, you can temporarily change the file name to something easier to find before generating the report.

              If you have other files that reference this file, the above fix will be incomplete as you'd need to open Manage | External Datasources on each of the other files and update any external data source references that refer to the file whose name you are planning to change.

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                You can use Developer Utilities to properly rename all files (and automatically change all references, imports etc).

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                  Great advice LaRetta. I had a similar problem to Notjulia and had completely forgotten about this amazing Developer Utility.

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                    Thanks for the responses - it worked and was not at all painful!