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Help on conditional formatting to create "Issue" Report

Question asked by ToddCarlson on Jul 14, 2013
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Help on conditional formatting to create "Issue" Report


     I have a Table called Job Management.  I may have 100 jobs that are active and most without issues.  We have "Request for Measure Date" then "Measure Date" and we have "Product Arrival Date" then "Install Date".  In these instances, I need the latter field (execution part) to fill with "Issue" a certain number of days after the other.  It's too hard to look at 100 jobs trying to find issues where that date has gone too far.

     In addition, I need to create an "Issue" report as it were.  Maybe a button - I need help with that too.

     I have measure people and installers.  I could then take a look at who are the cronic "Issue people"

     Thank you in advance!