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    Help on defining Perform Find criteria?



      Help on defining Perform Find criteria?


      Boy, I REALLY don't "grok" how FileMaker does searches. Perform Find criteria seem extremely limited on the surface. Is there some place in the documentation that explains in detail how to set up these Perform Find criteria?

      For example, I want to be able to find a set of records in a file for which a specified field contains the same value as field value in a Global Values fijle. And yet I see no way to set up a criteria that reads, "Tests::TestID = Global Values::TestID". I've tried setting a variable to a field value in the Global Values file, but all that does is insert "=$$TestID" text into the numeric field that I want to search. Naturally, FileMaker finds "No matching records…"

      Surely, searching a FileMaker db isn't as complicated as it seems to me to be. What am I missing? And where can I find it? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.